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Integrative Psychiatry Care by Terri Squires, a Triple Boarded Nurse Practitioner and Psychotherapist in Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Clinical Psychology.  I have a truly integrative approach utilizing the newest research strategies in Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Buddhist Psychology to help relieve symptoms with depression, anxiety, addictions including eating disorders, mood swings, ADHD, Substance Abuse/Dependence issues.  I also have worked with hospice and our oldest adults and can help with transitioning through the phases of our lives.  


I utilize the newest medications when appropriate to keep adverse side effects minimal.  I am abreast of the newest psychopharmacological research and my expertise has been treating the most difficult to treat depression, anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorer, eating disorders, Schizophrenia, psychotic disorders along with Substance Abuse/Dependence Disorders.  

Our Doctors
Licensed Medical Provider in Psychiatry
National Board Certified Counselors

30 years of experience working as an Individual and Family Psychotherapist/Counselor, Emergency Psychiatric Clinician in Oakland, Berkeley, California, Bozeman and Kalispell, Montana and on mobile crisis team at  Denver Health and Hospitals in Denver, Colorado.  

20 Years of experience as a Licensed Medical Providers in Psychiatry working in Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, and currently in Oregon in various mental health organizations inpatient/outpatient along with telepsychiatry since 2007.   Residency as Nurse Practitioner at Mental Health Corporation of Denver on high intensity team as medical provider, prescribing medications for  people with persistent mental illness including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorders, severe eating disorders, Substance Abuse/Dependency issue and multiple medical comorbidities. 

Expertise in managing complicated psychopharmacological cases with multiple medical comorbidities of refractory Depression and Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Substance Abuse/Dependence Disorders, addictions of all kinds, Eating Disorders as well as ADHD. 
More imporantantly, expertise in psychotherapy/counseling utilizing mindfulness strategies, Buddhist Psychology strategies as well as utilzing theoretical frameworks such as interpersonal process theory, object relations theory, attachment theory and transactional analysis. 
Nine (9) years of post graduate medical and clinical psychologist education; Two Master's degrees and a Post-Master's Certificate from Vanderbilt University as Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Master's of Science degree in Nursing as Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Colroado Health Science Center and Master's of Arts degree in Clinical Pyschology, advanced to Ph.D. program, from California School of Professional Psychology.  
Board Certifications and LIcenses
American Nurses Credentialing Center, Board Certified as Family  Nurse Practitoiner
American Nurses Credentialing Center, Board Certified as Psychiatrict Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
National Board Certification of Counselors, NBCC, 
Licensed Professional Counselor in the States of Colorado, Montana
Professional Organizations
American Psychiatric Nurses Association
American Nurses Association
Neuroscience Education Institute
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Depression and Anxiety Symptoms


Depression and anxiey symptoms can adversely affect our lives and keep us from being our best selves and attaining all that we want to do in our lives for ourselves and for those we care about and our communities.  


The science has gotten remarkably better in treating depression and anxiety with holistic remedies along with newer medications such as "multimodal antidepressants" which act in a completely different way than Prozac and/or the older antidepressants work for depression and anxiety.  


This is wonderful news for those who have been on antidepressants with many side effecgts or little relief from depressive and anxiety symptoms.






THE RESEARCH is clear that counseling and psychotherapy utilizing mindfulness techniques and strategies helps relieve depression and anxiety symptoms and enables people to be able to relax and connect with themselves and others.  


Much like learning a new activity counseling upregulates important neurotransmitters in the brain and lessens anxiety and depressive symptoms.  


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